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“Synergy” is an IT company that provides a range of solutions in the field of information technology, while complying with quality, personal service and professionalism.

“Synergy” combines innovation and proven experience of many years in construction, maintenance and integration of various information technologies.

“Synergy” was established with the understanding that the synergy between a different communication options is necessary, while providing one centralized solution that integrates customers in different areas.

Our goal is to make the working environment of our customers more productive and efficient

“Synergy” provides a wide range of hardware and software solutions along with basic peripherals and high-quality innovative products at the forefront of technology.

We specializes in integrating hardware and software solutions into existing IT systems and new to create maximum value and peace of mind to the customer.

Our consultants and technicians operate in the field of IT solutions over fifteen years and specializes in construction, maintenance, optimization and improvement of computer and communications infrastructure of the various organizations.

Our Lines of services and products:

♦  Maintenance and Support Services.

♦  Security Services.

♦  “Private Cloud” Service.

♦  Consulting and project management.

♦  VOIP.

♦  Wireless communication.